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Thousands of assets are issued, published, and assigned every week.

Discover how inventors, companies, attorneys, examiners and judges participate in the innovation market.

There's a lot going on, and it's all tied together

Every week thousands of patents issue. Applications publish. Rights transfer.

These activities involve hundreds of attorneys, companies, examiners, and inventors. Libpatent research tools provide a unified view of what's going on.

Lookup assets or parties with the search tool, and view reports and relationships.

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Network Graph Feature Example

Assignment Reports

View a chronological list of assignments recorded with the USPTO.

The assignments are grouped, deduplicated, and categorized, with convenient links to the relevant parties and assets.

Assignment feed example

Participant Reports

Review reports on key statistics and activities for specific entities.

Example reports follow showing portfolio statistics and PTAB post grant trial statistics for a company.

Company report example 1
Company report example 2

Asset Review

Quickly understand a patent's story.

To understand a patent's context, it helps to consider its lifecylce.

It starts with an application.

Then there is a slew of activity in the prosecution process. It issues, sometimes.

There are maintenance payments, derivative applications, litigation, post grant challenges, maintenance payments.

Visualize it all on an interactive, mobile friendly timeline.

An example of the patent lifecycle timeline feature.

Claim Analysis

Reading another claim drafted by a lexicographer with a bent for the abstract?

Get some help from a computer, which will highlight key words with specification support, or phrases which distinguish one claim from another.

Specification Support
Key terms
Claim distinction

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