4 Concepts to understand the search facility

1 Type a query into the search box then select a category

When searching for an asset or entity, enter a search term and select the category you are searching for.

The search bar will guess which category the search term is targeting, but you may need to select another category.

The search drop down selection mechanism

2 Consider your search objective when selecting a search target

If you're looking for the patents or assignment activity associated with a company, search for the company and then select the patents or assignment reports from the company report page.

If searching for ptab dockets associated with a particular judge, search for the judge.

3 Search is designed to handle names and document identification numbers

While you can search for patents and applications by title keywords, the search facility is not geared towards finding prior art or exploring a subject matter field.

Category Searchable Examples
Patents Publication Identifiers
Applications Application Identifiers
Publication Identifiers
Post Grant Matters Case Number IPR2017
Companies Name IBM
International Business Machines

4 An effective search emanates out from a target entity

The report page for an examiner, judge, company, or patent contains links to lists and related topics.

You may consider using the IP graph to explore parties and related assets..